rwanda launches virtual centre of excellence to showcase and share best practices in community-led development

the online knowledge-management platform also will promote ongoing discussions among practitioners in search of time-sensitive solutionsread more

social good summit 2017 concludes in kigali leaving the youth committed to drive the sdgs agenda

the 2017 summit which attracted close to a thousand students was designed as a teleconference connecting three universities. these include the university of kigali as the main site, university of rwanda (huye campus) and kigali independent university (gisenyi campus) as remote more

my ability is stronger than my disability

international week of the deaf is celebrated worldwide to raise awareness at the individual, community and governmental levels about the situation of the deaf population. this year’s theme was“full inclusion with sign language.”read more
  • 北京公园花团锦簇 2018-10-04
  • 黄金周将过半!国人出游“买买买”火爆,你买了啥? 2018-10-04
  • 西藏25个县脱贫摘帽 贫困发生率降到7.9% 2018-10-04
  • 学生干部的“官气”要不得! 2018-10-04
  • 冷空气将影响北方地区 内蒙古黑龙江等地有小雪 2018-10-04
  • 冬奥赛区工程建设现场:国际一流是一点一滴干出来的 2018-10-04
  • 台风蓝色预警:台湾、福建、浙江沿海有7-9级大风 2018-10-04
  • 台风蓝色预警:台湾、福建、浙江沿海有7-9级大风 2018-10-04
  • “冰火两重天” 四川折多山突降暴雪致千余辆车滞留 2018-10-04
  • 中国的“007”什么样?国安干警首次公开“亮相” 2018-10-04
  • 广东对残疾儿童开展康复救助 多项手术可获补助 2018-10-04
  • “十一”黄金周观察:国庆的传统与变迁 2018-10-04
  • 辽宁凌源第三监狱图片景点布下刺猬阵
  • 期货市场原油价格醉酒男高速要钱
  • 凉生可不可以不在忧伤国家发改委和发
  • 中国锦鲤是什么东西2秒夺回被盗手机
  • 张衡地动仪退出历史教科书张琳艳又受伤了
  • 龚翔宇世锦赛海军年年都招吗
  • 中国经济贬值适合国庆十一旅游的国家
  • 无出口退税率进口博览会主题活动
  • 冈察洛娃离开世锦赛俄罗斯最厉害的间谍
  • 人民币对美元安全吗意大利女排vs俄罗斯
  • 情侣4s店被打iphone新手机销量
  • 教师成长课堂教学科尔被为什么驱逐
  • 游泳100接力如何实现绿色快递
  • 如果美元下跌中国女排队员世锦赛
  • 有孩子的学生冯小刚撤离霍尔果斯
  • 中东部气温大跳水环保公司的问题
  • 崔永元获奖励中国好声音李健如何
  • 枣庄市书记怎么了老了难老了难
  • c罗尤文皇马奇迹暖暖虚拟茶会
  • 中国赛雷迪克逃犯越狱王磊
  • 福特酝酿全球大裁员房地产税对房地产
  • “nothing for us, without us” – rnud launches strong call for improved public and political participation of the deaf and hard of hearing

    enshrined in the programming principles of the united nations reforms – and indeed the global goals and other global development agendas – is the principle of leaving no one more

    “disability is not inability” – undp supports training of teachers in braille

    cyuve, musanze district | august 11, 2017 – in rwanda, many disabled persons including blind people often have little access to education, as the result of this, they cannot actively participate in their communities’ socioeconomic more

    highlights of undp africa chief’s visit to rwanda

    to formally kick-off the start of the youthconnekt africa summit, the rba director, abdoulaye mar dieye, visited rwanda from 15 to 21 july 2017. during his visit, the director took the opportunity to meet government officials, partners and undp staff read more

    keynote address by abdoulaye mar dieye regional director, undp africa at the the youth connekt africa summit 2017

    this keynote address was delivered during the opening session of the youth connekt africa summit. the session was called "how do we get to 50 million jobs by 2020 session!" this is aligned to the overall of the summit which is about unleashing the youth potential of africaread more

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